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Our mission is to help Armenians from Armenia share their talents and creativity with the rest of the world while allowing the rest of the world direct access to all that Armenians from all around the world, including Armenia itself, have to offer.

Company Overview: We started our venture by participating in few local Armenian bazaars and set up tables with our jewelry and pictures of Armenia. Now years later, we have sold literally hundreds of pictures and added to our stock of Armenian souvenirs to include all that you'll see on this website and more. Visiting Armenia is the best way to experience all that the country and its people have to offer. However, for those who dont have that opportunity currently, we wanted to provide the chance to bring Armenia to them via ArmenianVendor.com by showing you all that modern day Armenia & Armenians from around the world have to offer. "Paree Yegak Yev Hrametsek" (Welcome and come on in).

Saturday, January 19, 2013

ArmenianVendor.com Today

We started this venture back in October of 2005 after my maiden voyage to Armenia.
We came back with photographs I had taken from Armenia and some jewelry we obtained from Vernisage (Armenia’s open air summer flea market).
7 short years later, we have a website (that went live in December of 2007), and we’ve traveled in person all over the Northeast USA including places like Maine, New Jersey, upstate New York, and most all of the places in between those locations. We’ve met and connected with diasporan Armenians from all over the world, and have sold to Armenian Churches and Bookstores all across the country. We now have the pleasure of having a global fan base thanks to our website and have sold our products and introduced our website to people all around the world.
Thanks to the support and help of Armenians everywhere, we’ve grown immensely in the last 7 years and plan on growing much larger in the years to come. We have recently upgraded and updated our website to be in touch with you using many of the social networking groups available to us today including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube. You can even find our store page on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ArmenianVendorProducts  Please click on the link and “like” our page there to help show your support.
We’ve also added many new products, and will continue to add many new products all for your shopping pleasure.
We have a newly formed Guestbook and we have a Reviews section on our website. We’d love for you to visit and provide us your input. What would you like to see more of? What could we do to service you better? What ideas do you have that you think we should implement into our site? We want to hear from all of you if possible! We’ve helped out many organizations with their fundraising needs and want to help out many more in the years to come.
ArmenianVendor.com is here for many reasons. We’re here to help support the Armenian musicians and artisans from all around the world. We’re here to help support the churches that invite us to sell our products live at their events. We’re here to help support any Churches, groups or organizations with their fundraising needs by selling our products in bulk at wholesale prices. Most of all we’re here for all of you who cant go to Armenia to get all these wonderful gift ideas all in one location. ArmenianVendor.com… we bring Armenia to YOUR front door.
Baykar Dervishian
CEO/Founder www.ArmenianVendor.com

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