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Our mission is to help Armenians from Armenia share their talents and creativity with the rest of the world while allowing the rest of the world direct access to all that Armenians from all around the world, including Armenia itself, have to offer.

Company Overview: We started our venture by participating in few local Armenian bazaars and set up tables with our jewelry and pictures of Armenia. Now years later, we have sold literally hundreds of pictures and added to our stock of Armenian souvenirs to include all that you'll see on this website and more. Visiting Armenia is the best way to experience all that the country and its people have to offer. However, for those who dont have that opportunity currently, we wanted to provide the chance to bring Armenia to them via ArmenianVendor.com by showing you all that modern day Armenia & Armenians from around the world have to offer. "Paree Yegak Yev Hrametsek" (Welcome and come on in).

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013 Season Ending Doubleheader!

Armenianvendor.com had it's last live event of 2013 and we went out with a BANG doing a doubleheader between Holy Trinity Church in Cambridge MA and Soorp Asdvadzadzin Church in Whitinsville, MA! We want to personally thank them (and all the rest of the organizations that allowed us to vend at their events) for all their kindness and hospitality and for of course, inviting us to be vendors at their event!
We started ArmenianVendor.com just 8 years ago with nothing other than photographs we took when we visited Armenia in 2005 and some jewelry..... 8 years later, thanks to an AMAZING outpouring of support from our customers, followers, friends, and family, we've grown immensely and continue to do so. So many of you have stepped forward, admitting to us that you have come to events just because you heard about it through us, and/or wanted to come and shop with us! You have no idea how grateful we are to hear those words! We also could not have been able to do this without people stepping forward and offering to help us. Not just at our events with helping to set up, clean up, and sell, but also by helping us promote ArmenianVendor.com to all their family and friends and letting the "Armenian Network" do it's thing. Lets not forget the friends and family that have helped us obtain unique quality items from Armenia directly to present and sell at our events!
ArmenianVendor.com was created to fill the gap for people everywhere around the world who wanted to obtain Armenian items without having to search stores globally for each individual product they wanted to buy. So many of us don't have nor ever had an Armenian store nearby to shop in either. We wanted to create an easy method for people to be able to obtain a piece of Armenia without actually having to go to Armenia. Essentially, we wanted to bring Armenia to your front door!
As 2013 comes to a close and 2014 is arriving, we hope and pray that more of you will step forward, not just to help us grow as we are but to help mold us into the store you want us to be. Please contact us any time with questions, suggestions, and ideas on how we might be able to help each other. After all, ArmenianVendor.com is as much for you as it is for us.

Don't forget, there's also still plenty of time to do your Christmas shopping with us online! We'll do our best as always to get your items to you and your loved ones by the date you request from us! Whether it be for American Christmas, New Years, Armenian Christmas, or otherwise, you can count on us to do our very best for each and every one of you!

All of us at ArmenianVendor.com want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!
May you all enjoy the upcoming festivities with health, laughter, and the comfort of friends and family around you!

Baykar Dervishian
CEO/Founder www.ArmenianVendor.com

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